2016: A Year In Review: Part II

What a wonderful year 2016 has been! Deep conversations with artists from around the world, hearing exciting, first-hand accounts from people who bought their first piece of art to building new connections with art in various ways.

The year began with funky ideas on how to spark new beginnings with art on walls. Celebrations mean fun times at Artflute and World Art Day brought on an A to Z Guide to art. If you feel like a deep dive into the world of art with its numerous styles and talented artists, click through.

An Unbeatable Way to Start Your Year With Art on Artflute.com
An Unbeatable Way to Start Your Year With Art

Diwali brought on a festive fiesta of art with a curated collection that was all about art that would outlast the season. Bold strokes and breathtaking colours brought the best of the season’s artworks to you. We loved bringing you art that is about celebrating each season, especially summer colours.

5 Reasons Why Art Must Be Your Gift of Choice This Diwali on Artflute.com
5 Reasons Why Art Must Be Your Gift of Choice This Diwali

From playing with textures to creating a story with multiple works and more, art can be used in many ways to jazz up your walls. Artflute is all about bringing art into your everyday life— from stunning examples of artworks from the latest curated collection The New Aesthetic— modern styles with a traditional heart— to first person accounts of art bringing meaning to walls, childhood friendships and more.

The New Aesthetic on Artflute.com
The New Aesthetic: Featuring works of contemporary styles with a touch of classic

And of course art is just not about the paintings but the people behind them and their stories and this year we took a deep dive into everything that makes the artists behind the paintings tick. From the renaissance soul of Anand Narain to the social sensitivity of Tejinder Ladi Singh and the traditional aesthetics of Sushil Soni, we loved going behind the brushstrokes on the canvas.

Framing the Artist: Anand Narain: The Renaissance Man

The team here at Artflute wish you a great new year! You are what keeps us excited to spread the joy of art in every person’s daily life. Your openness, energy and appreciation through this past year shows us that art is a language that the world needs more than ever in this new year.

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