4 Shiny Ideas to Dress Your Home For Diwali

4 Shiny Ideas to Dress Your Home For Diwali on blog.artflute.com

Shiny new clothes, fun parties with family and friends, great food and indulgent sweets – the festive frenzy is all set to begin. Doesn’t this celebratory time also mean that it’s time for your home to get its annual makeover? Give your good ol’ home a zesty spin by going with one of Artflute’s many creative and easy decor ideas.

Royally Rajasthan Moodboard with Yashwant Shirwadhkar’s Heritage Haveli on Artflute.com

Royally Rajasthan

Heritage Haveli by Yashwant Shirwadhkar on Artflute.com

Heritage Haveli
by Yashwant Shirwadhkar

Have you always been a fan of the desert state or perhaps dreamt of being a long-lost royal? Then you would enjoy injecting a dose of blue blood into your home with Yashwant Shirwadhkar’s Heritage Haveli. The painting’s earthy colours and muted tone combine brilliantly with folk elements such as the Rajasthani jharokha. Skillful brushstrokes follow the play of light and shadow and give this painting a three-dimensional look. When combined with antique furniture and decor elements, it’s sure to give your home a lovely stroke of heritage this Diwali.

Chettinad Cool | Iruvan Karunakaran’s The Procession on Artflute.com

Chettinad Cool

Magnificent mansions, swaying coconut trees, temple festivals and fiery cuisine- do the memories of your last Chettinad holiday linger on? Infuse your home with a whiff of Chettinad culture by switching diyas for brass lamps and maybe adding a wooden oonjal (swing) too? 

The Procession by Iruvan Karunakaran on Artflute.com

The Procession
by Iruvan Karunakaran

Sign off with a flourish by hanging up Iruvan Karunakaran’s The Procession. A lyrical rendition of a street musician accompanied by a decorated cow from the streets of south India, the artwork’s delicious play of colour, contrasting textures, and movement are sure to transport you back to the streets of Chettinad.

Quirky Chic Moodboard | Artwork Headphone Buddha by Shalini Soni on Artflute.com

Quirky Chic

Headphone Budhha by Shalini Soni on Artflute.com

Headphone Buddha
by Shalini Soni

Always been known for your love of mixing traditions, colours and your joie de vivre? Whether it’s your re-purposed furniture, kitschy interiors or flashy designs, every part of your eclectic home will love welcoming in Shalini Soni’s Headphone Buddha this Diwali. The acrylic on canvas artwork with its eye-catching colours, modern elements and dramatic Buddha is guaranteed to be a showstopper at your Diwali party. A cheeky companion to highlight your offbeat interests, it’s right up your alley, isn’t it?

Festive Modern Moodboard | Artwork Urban Phulkari by Madan Lal on Artflute.com

Festive Modern

Urban Phulkari by Madan Lal on Artflute.com

Urban Phulkari
by Madan Lal

Prefer chocolates and truffles to calorie- laden mithai and tea light and candles to diyas? If your home gets it colour from flowers rather than traditional decorations this Diwali, an excellent choice to hang up in your living room is Madan Lal’s Urban Phulkari. An ecstatic swirl of colors and shapes, the painting is a great complement to the clean lines and modern decor that you love. Evoking wonderful memories of weddings, celebrations, colour and the immense love that are a part of these occasions, it is a wonderful reminder of the best parts of the festive season.

What look are you going with this festive season? Go on and add your Diwali plans in the comments below!

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