5 Tips on Using Art to Create Jaw-Dropping Spaces

Art can be a game-changer for your home- provide contrast, be a showstopper, or make a unique statement of your personality. Not just that, it can help you work out challenges you have with your space in the most beautiful manner possible. It’s a process that’s so addictive that once you get started you won’t be able to stop! Here’s a handy guide on how to use art to elevate the design of your space from okay to breathtaking.

Do it With Dynamism

Invert and Outward Ghanshyam Gupta on Artflute.com
Invert and Outward
by Ghanshyam Gupta

A piece of art can give a room a sense of rhythm and dynamism, such as when the lines in a painting are used to direct where the viewer’s eye goes. Another great way to create dynamism is by choosing an element in the artwork, for example, implied movement, and mirror that aspect in the choice of furniture or other decor elements in the room. Creating dynamism involves choosing elements that draw your eyes around the space in a connected manner.

Play with Colour

Everlasting Love IV by Dr. Rakesh Singh on Artflute.com
Everlasting Love IV
by Dr. Rakesh Singh

Have you been struggling with decorating a bedroom? A great way to set a decor style for a space is to pick a painting you absolutely love and then design a colour palette around it. A bold painting that draws the eye and would be a perfect choice for an experiment like this. Whether you are choosing hues that are complementary (tones of orange in a painting matched against bold aquamarine walls) or playing with hues of the same colour for both your walls and artwork, colour can completely transform a space. Another way to use colour is to use artworks to inject bright pops of colour in a room with neutral or white-toned decor.

Talking About Texture

Abhimanyu Mahesh Pal Gobra
by Mahesh Pal Gobra

The gradients and textures in artworks can lend themselves to building dynamism in an otherwise staid office space or be used to pull together a room’s diverse elements. For instance, the shapes in the painting can pick up similar patterns on the sofa. Texture is a captivating visual language that can be used to revolutionise the design language of a room. Let your imagination free to play with it!

Throw Together Multiple Works

Infinity Blues and A Romance of the Moors by Bhaskar Rao on Artflute.com
Infinity Blues and A Romance of the Moors
by Bhaskar Rao

Creating a gallery wall can be an intoxicating experience. Be adventurous- mix originals with digital prints or even throw in a collage. Bigger artworks can be the anchor around which smaller artworks gravitate. Playing with shapes and sizes of the artworks you choose can also be exciting. A brilliant way to fashion an eye-catching space would be to pair complementary artworks by the same artist on a wall.  

Create A Unique Statement

Pillar by Gopal Samantray on Artflute.com
by Gopal Samantray

Pick the kind of artwork that makes a statement, that makes a viewer stop and stare and let it be the centre of attention. Paintings that can hold their own on a wall without any other frills to draw attention to it are a dramatic way to amp up the design quotient of your space. Statement art doesn’t have to be big to be effective. Even small pieces of art placed cleverly can make for an impressive conversation piece.

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