6 Amazing Photographs That Paint Image Stories

Whether it is capturing a moment that is never to come again, seeing simple things anew or making subtle emotions evident, photographs have a magic that is unique to them. Artflute brings you a selection of photographs that will have you marvelling at these artists who excel in looking at life through a lens.

Artist: Juan Luis Secø
Juan Luis Secø

Juan Luis Seco’s fascination with light and its magical influence on everything around us is evident in La Pareja. His photograph highlights a couple of radishes with various other vegetables around it.

La Pareja by Juan Luis Secø
La Pareja
by Juan Luis Secø

The play of light and shadow, the texture of the tablecloth and the vegetables all combine to express the magical complexity in everyday simplicities. A great pick if you love photographs that are light paintings.

Rajkumar Krishna
Rajkumar Krishna

Rajkumar Krishna’s black and white photograph Boat is wonderfully evocative. The textures on sea-worn wood, patterns in the sand and the ocean far behind – all paint a story for the viewer. 

Boat by Rajkumar Krishna
by Rajkumar Krishna

If you are someone who never tires of beachside vacations, this is a great choice for you.

Artist: Lavanya Palaparthy
Lavanya Palaparthy

Lavanya Palaparthy’s Frozen in Time captures a magical moment in nature. 

Frozen in Time
Frozen in Time
by Lavanya Palaparthy

A single leaf that brings autumn to mind – that gorgeous season when leaves change colour to shades of soft yellow, amber orange and brilliant red. Would you believe that this spellbinding moment was created using just a bowl of frozen water, a leaf and torchlight and not shot at a frozen lake somewhere in the mountains?

Fishing on the Bosphorus
Fishing on the Bosphorus
by Vittorio Chiampan

A magical combining of worlds – the ancient city of Istanbul with the Blue Mosque in the background and fishermen trying their luck from the bridge across the Bosphorus.

Vittorio Chiampan
Vittorio Chiampan

Vittorio Chiampan’s artistry with photography and his flair in using textures, brushes and filters to bring feelings into the image is tangible in Fishing on the Bosphorus. A superb pick for your living room, isn’t it?



Sumit Mehndiratta

Holy Cow is a surreal photograph that is inspired by Indian jewellery for the nose and animals. Sumit Mehndiratta’s love for animals is evident in the manner in which he has portrayed the cows.

Holy Cow by Sumit Mehndiratta
Holy Cow
by Sumit Mehndiratta

The stark contrast of the gold nose ring in the otherwise black-and-white photograph gives it an other worldly touch. If you have always had a love for the unusual, this image is a surefire winner for you.

Swetha Srinath
Swetha Srinath

Avid travel photographer Swetha Srinath’s photograph Behind the Blues showcases her talent with capturing the known and often bypassed details of daily life.



Behind the Blues by Swetha Srinath
Behind the Blues
by Swetha Srinath

The decaying yellow walls, the severe contrast of the blue door and broken bricks lying in the corner makes you wonder what lies behind the door. This image is a perfect choice for those who love immersing themselves in nostalgia that often strikes when wandering the world.


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