6 Artworks That Will Instantly Boost Your Coolness Factor

Buddha wearing headphones and dream-like scapes, stark expressions in black and white and a psychedelic explosion of colours- no matter in which direction your contemporary art tastes run, Artflute has the best artworks for you. Whether it’s an abstract piece that is open to a million interpretations, art with a political statement or one with a hypnotic swirl of colours, you’ll be hard pressed to make a choice with this week’s exceptionally curated picks.

A Sundae in the park with George by Richie Montgomery
A Sundae in the park with George
by Richie Montgomery

The wonderfully maverick American artist, Richie Montgomery‘s view of the world and his quirky take on life is reflected in the black and white creation A Sundae in the park with George. The strange and surreal details invite you to look deeply, and the more you look, the more details you see. The ice cream woman representing the many addictions in life, the four elements and the door ‘42’ that offers alternatives to the stereotypical meaning of life are just some of the elements that are sure to intrigue you. It’s the perfect piece to get those memorable living room conversations going.

Keyscapes by Kanthraj N
by Kanthraj N

Kanthraj N’s Keyscapes is an intriguing vista of layered colours, forming a richly textured background for a surreal mix buildings, all balanced on a key. The splash of red amidst the lighter shades of colours brings the mix of structures into focus. Adding to the sense of immensity of space in his creation is the remarkable gradients of colours that sets the backdrop for the work. If you’re looking for a hint of the mysterious that stirs up the imagination, this would be an excellent choice for you.

Gasmask by Rahul Mallya
Gas Mask
by Rahul Mallya

Rahul Mallya’s Gas Mask tells a story- one of postmodern society and the haze of smog that covers its cities and people. The psychedelic burst of colours and the swirl of gradients and textures speaks of a dystopian future in which everyone will be wearing gas masks. If you happen to be a fan of Orwell’s 1984 and movies like Bladerunner, this statement-making limited edition digital art print is sure to be a hit with you.

Endless Summers by DB Waterman
Endless Summers
by DB Waterman

A virtuoso in mixed media art, DB Waterman’s Endless Summers brings alive the joys of summer as experienced by a child. The girl’s utterly engrossed expression, the footprints on the beach, the blue and brown-orange stains on the landscape come together beautifully in this compelling creation. Fashioned out of pictures, photos, images and using watercolour and acrylic paint, this limited edition mixed media print gives your home a memorable quirk quotient. After all, aren’t you the one who loves trawling through flea markets and vintage stores to do just that?

Headphone Buddha by Shalini Soni
Headphone Buddha
by Shalini Soni

Shalini Soni Mazumdar’s brings together seeming opposites- gadgets of modern day life with the tranquil visage of the Buddha in her artwork Headphone Buddha. A fan of mixing elements from her training in Rajasthani miniature painting with other visual languages, her work is open to multiple interpretations. If analysing films, art, novels for hours on end with friends is your thing, this creation with its richly textured background, the changing media of music, and elements from nature make this an endless delight for you.

Barn by the Corner by Rennie Pilgrem
Barn by the Corner
by Rennie Pilgrem

London-based artist, Rennie Pilgrem’s limited edition print of his digital artwork Barn By The Corner is a stark, multi-line illustration that compels the eye. If your philosophy when it comes to art is – the edgier the better, this creation is perfect for you.

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