6 Reasons To Love Abstract Art

From strong lines and bold colours to dreamy washes and surreal forms— abstract art in its variations leaves an impression that is hard to erase. The visual language that is captivating in its uniqueness, Artflute brings you the 6 creators of abstract art who give you different reasons to love the abstract.

Shan Re’s Colours of Bliss makes a strong statement of positivity. From the dramatic use of colour to the energy of exuberance that is almost tangible, the painting is a fantastic outpouring of joy through colour. A perfect pick for your living room.

Colour of Bliss by Shan Re on Artflute.com
Colour of Bliss by Shan Re

Stalin P.J’s style is non-representational, a kind of merging of thought and soul. Marks of the Tide with its geometrical forms, blend of textures and deep sensitivity leaves out unnecessary details in favour of bold, natural expression. It is the kind of art that would make a great statement hanging on the walls of your study or office.

Marks Of The Tide by Stalin. P.J. on Artflute.com
Marks Of The Tide by Stalin. P.J.

An Outburst is a moment frozen in time of an artist delighting in his expression. A pure-play of colours, the artist’s enjoyment of space with the forms and colours is obvious and beautiful. From unpredictable forms to lines and differing textures, Siddesh Rane’s creation is unlike any other. It is bound to be a cheerful addition to your bedroom.

An Outburst by Siddesh Rane on Artflute.com
An Outburst by Siddhesh Rane

From his series Frozen Moments, Call of The Hills is a Durgesh Birthare masterpiece.  A stunning rendition of nature’s beauty, this acrylic on canvas painting perfectly captures a moment in time. From masterful brushstrokes to the wash of colours, the artist’s intimate relationship with nature is made evident.

Call of the Hills by Durgesh Birthare
Call of the Hills by Durgesh Birthare

Bold and vivid, Paramesh Jolad’s Fading Autumn is a piece that refuses to fade into the background. From the black to the green and the sharp lines, the artist’s creation is one that is guaranteed to draw the viewer’s eye. An impressive conversation piece, don’t you think?

Fading Autumn by Parmesh Jolad on Artflute.com
Fading Autumn by Paramesh Jolad

Krishna Pulkundwar’s Untitled speaks volumes about his sensitivity and creative eye. A mystical painting with deep blues and stark blacks, it speaks of the artist’s expert texturing and inspiration.

Untitled by Krishna Pulkundwar on Artflute.com
Untitled by Krishna Pulkundwar

Abstract art isn’t just for the connoisseurs of art. It is for you and me, and for everyone who is looking for joy, meaning and depth in their life. If you’ve been intrigued by the idea of buying a piece of abstract art, give us a call or drop us a line and we would love to help match you with a piece you love.


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