6 Ways to Infuse Your Home With The Diwali Spirit

From geometric lines and surrealist shapes to swirling colours and figurative themes- Artflute is here with art that is sure to infuse your home with the Diwali spirit. Whether it is an original work or our signature limited edition prints, you can take your pick from a wide range of themes, styles and budgets. Browse through our living room decorating ideas to make this Diwali dazzle.

Catch the Rhythm by Shekhar Ballari

Original – Catch the Rhythm
by Shekhar Ballari

Swirling shades of yellow and orange, the excited sparkle in the women’s eyes and the glitter from their clothes and bangles- Shekhar Ballari’s Catch the Rhythm lights the joy of dancing in every person who views the painting. The spirit of dance, the language of bodies moving and the sheer rapture it gifts the dancer and viewer are all captured on this artwork. Every Diwali guest in your house is sure to catch on to the season’s infectious joy of dancing especially after seeing Shekhar Ballari‘s Catch the Rhythm.

Urban Phulkari by Madan Lal on Artflute.com

Limited Edition Print – Urban Phulkari
by Madan Lal

Festivities, memories and the eternal tradition of the phulkari- Madan Lal’s Urban Phulkari is an abstract rendition of a gift given by in-laws to a bride on entering her new home.

Promising unconditional love and care, Urban Phulkari by Madan Lalthe crimson phulkari is also a celebratory symbol of joy and welcoming in the new. The kind of artwork that fits right into your home for Diwali. The fluid mix of colours, the geometric shapes and the colour and dynamic feel of the painting make it an eye-catching complement for the gaiety that will surround it.

Belur by Vijit Pillai on Artflute

Original – Belur
by Vijit Pillai

Vijit Pillai’s Belur is a hypnotic mixed-media rendition of three sculptures, seemingly frozen in time. Weaving together textures, filters, patterns and other techniques, the photograph undergoes a transformation turning into a splendid blend of the contemporary with the traditional. It’s only understandable why the artist is known to be a pioneer in mixed media and new media art in India. A brilliant painting that is sure to speak to your love of traditions.

Basanti by Meenakshi Banerjee on Artflute.com

Original – Basanti
by Meenakshi Banerjee

If you love your festive gatherings to make a statement, then Meenakshi Banerjee’s Basanti VII is perfect for you. It displays her provocative and intense signature style with inspirations from traditional folk art and its spiritual motifs. The added mix of vibrant modern elements gives the painting an unforgettable feel. Marrying the simplicity of folk art with the multiple layering and intricate details of modern styles, this artwork is guaranteed to get people who see it to look again and then get you to talk about it.

Enchanted by Ella Prakash on Artflute

Limited Edition Print – Enchanted
by Ella Prakash

Bold colours, geometric forms, shapes and designs – Enchanted is an artwork in Ella Prakash’s signature bold, abstract style. If your choice of Diwali sweets tends to be chocolate truffles rather than mithai and you love the glow of tea lights compared to that of diyas, you will love this artwork. Paradoxical elements of light and dark and a play of mass, volume and texture urge the viewer to see beyond the obvious.

Festive Rhythm by Anuradha Thakur on Artflute.com

Limited Edition Print – Festive Rhythm – VI
by Anuradha Thakur

Does your Diwali veer towards cozy get-togethers with friends rather than firecrackers and crazy indulgences? Then Anuradha Thakur‘s Festive Rhythm VI is brilliant for you. The black on white canvas with vivid, festive colours brings alive the Bhagoria festivities of the Bhill and Bhilal tribes native to Jhabua in Rajasthan. The exuberance, joy and the strong relationship that these people have with nature comes alive in the painting. The simplicity and joy in the lives of the tribes has never been more evident.  A match for your kind of Diwali!

Festive Collection on Artflute.com

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