Infuse your home with Summer Colours!

It’s that time of the year when gulmohar trees are ablaze with their scarlet blooms and bougainvillea are doing their happy dance. Celebrate summer with a brilliant range of artworks that welcome the season in a refreshing and fun way.

Summers are synonymous with summer vacations, unlimited playtime and holidays galore- Manoj Sakale’s Chafa captures the thrill and bright-eyed mischief of a young girl, much like the vivid blossoms around her.

Chaka by Manoj Sakale
by Manoj Sakale

Jaw-droppingly stunning purple blooms— summer blossoms, the flag-bearers of the season are evocatively captured on canvas by Palash Ch Naskar. A Flower of Purple might just brighten up your room this season.

A Flow of Purple by Palash Ch Naskar on
A Flow of Purple
by Palash Ch Naskar

Everyone has their favourite memory of the season from their childhood and Muralidharan Alagar’s artwork Skipping Through Life captures the unbound spirit and glee that summers bring to children.  

Skipping Through Life by Muralidharan Alagar on
Skipping Through Life
by Muralidharan Alagar

With their brilliant plumage and melodious voices, a pair of rosefinches and their sweet refrain are the subject of Vani Chawla’s Rosefinch Duet. The kind of painting that brings a dose of nature to your walls.

Rose finch Duet by Vani Chawla on
Rosefinch Duet
by Vani Chawla

If abstract is more your style, you will love Abhishek Kumar’s Colours Aloft. An urbanscape that gives you a peek into common spaces in the city and the landscapes around it. Colour comes alive just as it does in summer in this thought-provoking piece. Or perhaps the play of forms and colours in Siddhesh Rane’s Vibrance tickles your fancy?

Colours Aloft by Abhishek Kumar Vibrance by Siddhesh Rane
Colours Aloft by Abhishek Kumar                                                Vibrance by Siddhesh Rane

Shades of pink, purples, blue and green turn this painting Fuchsia Valse of summer flowers by Zaira Dzhaubaeva into an eye-catching statement.

Fuchsia Valse
by Zaira Dzhaubaeva


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