An Exploration of Women in Art

The subject of women in paintings brings to mind instantly recognizable classics such as the Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Mona Lisa, the Frida Kahlo self-portraits and of course paintings of artists like M.F.Husain and Leonardo da Vinci. But is art depicting women restricted to artworks that you pay to see in a  museum or to idealized goddesses and characters from mythology?

A village belle fiercely owning a turban, the ecstasy of a woman dancing heedless of the world, the direct stare of a woman caught by the artist in the act of drawing water from a well – these are all aspects of women and their everyday life that has found expression on canvas. Take a look at these absolutely fascinating artworks by artists – both men and women that explore and celebrate women, their strength, compassion and undying spirit.

Kumaraswamy is an artist who is deeply inspired by woman and nature. His art has a lyrical quality that weave qualities of both into it. Daughters of the Forest is a perfect example of his enduring muse.

Daughters of the Forest by Kumaraswamy

Daughters of the Forest by Kumaraswamy B 

Nirupam Borboruah’s explosive talent splashes itself on this painting titled ‘Multitasking’. The movement and the energy of the women of today, shouldering multiple responsibilities, sometimes all at once, is eye-catching.


Multitasking by Nirupam Borboruah

The age-old fascination with feminine rituals of adornment is evident and glowingly depicted in Varsha Kharatmal’s black and white painting ‘Rhythmic’. The bold black fluid lines and rich details make this a signature Varsha piece.

Rhythmic B&W

Rhythmic B/W by Varsha Kharatmal

Anuradha Thakur’s ‘Serene Harmony’ comes out of her experiences with India’s tribal people and their spirit. The bold colours, patterns and subject is an inside look into the lives of these people.

Serene Harmony- 02

Serene Harmony – II by Anuradha Thakur

In Sunny Bhanushali’s ‘Freedom Beyond Expression’, the abandon and joy of a woman expressing herself through dance make a bold statement to the viewer.

Freedom Beyond Expression by Sunny Bhanushali

Freedom Beyond Expression by Sunny Bhanushali

Art featuring women are no longer one-dimensional representations of their idealized image. The multiple facets of a woman – whether it is the commonplace, the joyful, the simple or the intense, make for diverse statements on canvas.

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