Artflute’s Swoon-Worthy Gift Guide

Artflute’s Swoon-Worthy Gift Guide on

Haven’t you heard that it’s not how much we give but the love we put into giving that counts? You don’t have to be Santa to spread cheer, joy and love this holiday season. Artflute is your helpful elf with a gift guide of magnificent, hand picked paintings for the special folks in your life. After all, what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than giving them a present that is also a lifelong experience?  

Untitled by Krishna Pulkundwar on
by Krishna Pulkundwar

Krishna Pulkundwar’s Untitled is a mesmerising rendition in his signature abstract style. The different shades of blue in the artwork draw the viewer deep into the artist’s world.  Geometric shapes, the use of different textures and the cool colours give the painting a sophisticated feel. Inspired by the textures of nature and the geometric shapes of the buildings that he grew up around in the village, it is a painting that draws the eye to it again and again.

Motif copy

Ideal for: That friend who has everything!


Santorini by Keith Dodd on
by Keith Dodd

Clifftops with white Cycladic houses and the crystal blue waters of the sea- this digital art print, Santorini is designed to swoop your imagination away into Greece. Keith Dodd’s bold and colourful artwork couples his photography skills with his symbolic and graphic art style. The use of striking colours – yellow, blue and white and the almost life-like feel of the artwork takes the viewer on a blissful sensory journey. You can almost smell the salt in the air, can’t you?

Motif      Ideal for: The jetsetter in your life!     Motif


The Uncaged by Rahul Mhetre on
The Uncaged
by Rahul Mhetre

Rahul Mhetre’s deft brushwork and expert use of colour is evident in his artwork, The Uncaged. The traditional Indian style composition explores his fascination with the nature of innocence that is still very pervasive in rural India. The observation skills of the artist so apparent in this painting work to transfix the viewer with his skill in capturing the unnameable. The earthy colours, the use of lines and the palpable emotions in the painting give this painting a timeless appeal.Motif

Ideal for: The dapper gent with a love for nostalgia!


Urban Frame by Madan Lal on
Urban Frame
by Madan Lal

Vibrant greens, vivid blues, fiery reds and dashes of yellow give Madan Lal’s Urban Frame his signature style. The colours in the painting come together beautifully with the surreal geometric shapes that meld into parrots, arrows and more. The exuberance of form, the dream-like shapes and vitality that radiates from the artwork make this a painting that is a mood-upper.

Motif copyIdeal for: The statement-making extrovert in your life!


Saxyfolly by Pol Ledent on
by Pol Ledent

The sensitivity and romance of the saxophone calls out to you from Pol Ledent’s Saxyfolly. The clever use of texture, the almost mirror-like feel of the artwork and the skillful use of colours gives the viewer the feeling of watching the musician from outside a window. The ability of this self-taught artist to evoke the beauty in moments of daily life is apparent in this rendition.

Motif   Ideal for: The soulful music lover who gives you brilliant music recommendations!   Motif

Women with Parrot by Narahari Bhawandla on
Women with Parrot
by Narahari Bhawandla

The almost caricatured ample bodies of the women, the magnified use of jewellery, the intricate detailing of the designs on the saris stamps Narahari Bhawandla’s Women With Parrot with his trademark rustic and vivid artistic style. Immense attention to detail, masterful brushstrokes against an almost bare background makes this artwork a brilliant visual commentary of life in the Telangana region.

Ideal for: The culture vulture you know who loves all things art!


If you are still stumped for ideas when it comes to buying a gift for a special person, just get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the perfect artwork!




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