Turn Your Living Space Into a Gallery with Artflute’s Limited Edition Prints

Art has a way of stimulating conversation even between total strangers and reviving lifeless interiors. And we don’t mean only of a gallery – the real place for art is on your walls, where you can enjoy it every day. And Artflute’s limited edition prints is a great way to start experiencing art without spending a fortune.

One-Of-A-Kind Sensorial Prints. Showcasing the unique style of an artist in the form of a reproduction comes with a huge responsibility. And we take that seriously.

Sensorial Hand Textured Print on Artflute.com
Each reproduction is a museum quality giclée print on high quality canvas and delicately hand textured by expert craftsmen.

The combination of pure cotton canvas, use of original pigment inks that leave an indelible print, a touch of texture and a fine finish of lacquer for longevity makes our sensorial prints irresistible for empty walls.

The Limited Edition prints come accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. We release not more than 100 limited edition sensorial prints of original works globally.

Give your Home an Artilicious Makeover with our Collection of Limited Edition Prints without spending a fortune. Artflute brings to you a variety of collections to choose from to turn your living space into a gallery.

Figurative Art

Magnificent beauty of the subject is depicted with Elegance and sharp colours in figurative paintings. Dive into the world of portraits and figurative works.

Figurative Art on Artflute.com
Gorgeous Figurative Art by Independent Artists

Buddha Paintings

Whether as a sculpture adorning your living room or a serene painting watching over as you work in the study, the equanimity of the Buddha in his various avatars and interpretations is here

Buddha Paintings on Artflute.com
Curated Collection of Buddha Paintings

Landscape and Nature

What makes some of the landscapes and nature works magnificent is that the artists are looking into the natural world for more than a picture of the countryside.

Nature and Landscape Paintings on Artflute.com
Landscapes and Nature captured beyond Picturesque

Abstract Art

Artists weave colours, forms and shapes to communicate their feelings and thoughts which is not restricted by reality in Abstract paintings. Stir into a creative emotion with these paintings.

Abstract Art by Artists on Artflute.com
Inspiring Abstract Art

Watercolour Works

The luminescent and dreamlike quality of watercolor makes it a popular medium. However, creating exquisite works demands an expert eye and a level of flexibility that only comes with a true mastery of the art.

Watercolour Paintings on Artflute.com
Exclusive Collection of Watercolor Paintings


A conscious work of art, the city is where people flock to dream, create, build and rebuild. It holds within many simpler and more personal forms of art. There is something in the city’s air that makes sleep useless.

Cityscapes on Artflute.com
Striking Cityscapes

Art Advisory

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