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Is one of your new year resolutions to stay calm in the midst of disorder? Artflute has a selection of Buddha-inspired artworks for you that you can bring home as a great reminder of your intention through the year. Whether as a sculpture adorning your living room or a serene painting watching over as you work in the study, the equanimity of the Buddha in his various avatars and interpretations is here to give you a great start to your year.

Amit Bhar’s stunning black and white Buddha Sketch is a captivating piece for your study. The pen and ink sketch plays with light and shade, beautifully conveying the immense peace, wisdom and presence that the great Buddha possessed. The tranquil profile of the Buddha and the evocative lotus flowers are a great choice for a room where focus and calm is what you’re looking for.

Buddha Sketch by Amit Bhar on

Buddha Sketch by Amit Bhar

The Rebirth of Buddha by Om Swami

The Rebirth of Buddha by Om Swami

Om Swami’s abstract rendition The Rebirth of the Buddha is an eye-catching artwork that’s great to spark conversations with your guests. The dramatic juxtaposition of bold and muted colours, thick brushstrokes and stylized depiction of the Buddha make this an unforgettable painting.

Attempt to Tempt Buddha depicts one of the spiritual tests that Buddha had to undergo before attaining enlightenment. Inspired by spirituality and morality tales, Vijay Nyalpelly’s painting boasts of washes of vibrant colour, saturated with symbols evocative of tales from Buddha’s life. The phases of the moon, characters from the ancient script, the temptation of lust and the unchanging stillness of the Buddha amidst it all, is brilliantly conveyed in this acrylic on canvas artwork. 

Attempt to Tempt Buddha by Vijay Nyalpelly on

Attempt to Tempt Buddha by Vijay Nyalpelly

Two Heads of Boddhisattva by Shalini Soni on

Two Heads of Boddhisattva by Shalini Soni

Shalini Soni’s Two Heads of Boddhisattva captures the artist’s signature surreal style. The artwork has two heads of the Boddhisattva facing opposing directions. Indicative of the two sides of life, the painting returns to the artist’s fascination with paradoxes in life and borrows from motifs of Indian royalty. The mix of warm hues and blended colours gives the painting a hypnotic effect.

Masterfully using light and shadow and a blend of muted and earthy colours to convey the eternal peace and compassion of the Buddha in the midst of chaos and action, Manish Verma’s limited edition artwork Bodhi Wriksha is stunning. Conveying the message of peace and love, the artist puts Buddha in the spotlight.- a message that is as relevant now as all those year ago.

Bodhi Wriksha by Manish Verma on

Bodhi Wriksha by Manish Verma

Vijit Pillai’s Vibrant Buddha is a wonderful limited edition print of his original digital art. A modern interpretation of the Buddha, the striking colours and multitude of abstract motifs draw our attention to the unchanging pertinence of Buddha’s teachings in modern times.

Vibrant Buddha by Vijit Pillai on

Vibrant Buddha by Vijit Pillai

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