Buying Art Online – A First-Timer’s Story!

Considering her zest for life, passion for travel and her infectious curiosity, it was only natural for Karishma Walia to uncover a deep love for art. A self-professed gourmand and travel hound, Karishma and her entrepreneur husband delight in making lists of places to travel to. She recounts her story of purchasing art online as a first timer – the nerves, the excitement and the happy ending!

My love affair with art comes naturally – on certain days it is love at first sight and a deep, nurturing love on other days. Having recently moved to our new home, my husband and I felt that the walls were lifeless without art adorning them. We began visiting local galleries to understand our personal taste better. We were also trying to visualize the look we wanted to achieve through these artworks. There are so many considerations when buying art for a particular wall – dimensions, color schemes, and the theme. We felt lost until Artflute stepped in with its customized options keeping our home in mind. The decision to stick with Artflute was made. We did our research by scrolling through the artists’ works and the price points of the art. My husband fell in love with Vijit Pillai’s works as soon as he laid his eyes on them.

Works of Vijit Pillai on

Courtier and Pride of Peacocks
by Vijit Pillai

Karishma Wali image

Karishma Walia

I absolutely loved the peacocks too! Once we had placed our order, I was waiting for the paintings to arrive with a mix of excitement and nerves. Not being sure about how the paintings would look, once I received the paintings I was thrilled to have them exceed my expectations.

Since then, these paintings have become a part of our home, along with Anupam Pal’s works, and we have only fallen more in love with them each passing day. Our friends and family love the artworks we chose for our walls. Art doesn’t seem like an obscure concept, far removed from our daily reality anymore. It seems achievable and interestingly, our purchase of art on was far more personal contrary to the notion of buying art online being an impersonal affair.

Anupam Pal's paintings on

Music to My Sorrow and Celestial Beauty
by  Anupam Pal

Our artwork reflects our personal style and we had the luxury of choosing from over a thousand works before we made a decision, without being clouded by factors such as the fame of the artist or the investment value of the artworks.

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