Celebrate Beginnings With Ganesha

Celebrate Beginnings With Ganesha on blog.artflute.com

India’s much-loved elephant-headed deity’s birthday is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to give the god of beginnings the pride of place on your wall? From contemporary interpretations of the popular god and a bright classic take to the abstract, Artflute has got Ganesha paintings to suit every taste.

Gujjarappa BG’s Ganesha is a vibrant playful rendition that is perfect for your child’s room. The artist’s grasp of cartooning and his extensive experience in illustrating for children blooms forth in the radiant colours of the artwork.

Ganesha by Gujjarappa BG on artflute.com
by Gujjarappa BG
Ganesha's Gruha by Sheetal Singh on Artflute.com
Ganesha’s Gruha
by Sheetal Singh

Sheetal Singh’s knack for artistic experimentation is evident in Ganesha’s Gruha. The mixed media painting uses a variety of techniques such as stenciling, stamping, and collage to give it its captivating effect. A mantra in Hindi and the image of the elephant god are acrylic transfers embedded with encaustic wax on the artwork. The best kind of conversation starter, isn’t it?

Kirti Ganesh by Rajesh Shah on Artflute.com
Kirti Ganesha (Lord of Music)
by Rajesh Shah

Celebrate Ganesha’s artistic aspect with Rajesh Shah’s
Kirti Ganesha (Lord of Music). Ganesha symbolises the music and rhythm of the universe and is often called Nadapratithista or lover of music. In this depiction, the many-headed elephant god plays a flute.



A mesmerising mix of textures, blood-red strokes and bold surreal elements make Vijit Pillai’s Rakta Ganesha a thought-provoking pick for your living room. It is the kind of art that makes a statement.

Rakta Ganesh by Vijit Pillai on Artflute.com
Rakta Ganesha
by Vijit Pillai


Ganesha by Amit Bhar
by Amit Bhar

If you like your deities to be relatable, Amit Bhar’s Ganesha is a great pick. A black and white rendition of the popular deity who seems almost human, this intimate portrait is sure to touch people who see divinity as being immensely human.


Shree Ganesha by M Singh on Artflute.com
Shree Ganesha
by M Singh

For a meditative representation of Ganesha, check out M Singh’s Shree Ganesha. Diffused washes of colour bring the deity in sharp focus, with his trunk grasping his veena. The distinctive touch of an artist who views his art as meditation speaks out here.


Regardless of the style, theme or medium, Ganesha’s appeal is truly universal. Go ahead and pick your favourite artwork and say yes to bringing this global spiritual icon home.

Ganesha Collection on Artflute.com

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