5 Ways to Give Your Walls The Attention They Deserve

With Diwali round the corner, you are sure to be busy giving your home a fresh look. Whether it is a fresh coat of paint or changing up your curtains, rejuvenating your home can turn out to be quite a task. That’s why we at Artflute want to show you how rejuvenating your walls can transform your home, while being a whole lot of fun too.

Your Very Own Gallery

Create a gallery wall in your home— pick anything that speaks to you. It can be anything from a series of sketches, your favourite cartoon strip or paintings by your favourite artist. Creating a gallery wall is an affordable yet dramatic way to transform a room with pieces that matter to you. Worried about getting it right? Start with the wall along your staircase.

Rajkumar Krishna - Photographer on Artflute.com
Seen here are photographs of Rajkumar Krishna

Keep It Personal 

Does your home reflect the person that you are? Use your favourite travel souvenirs, paintings or even those pieces of folk art you picked up on your last trip to make your wall stand out. When beautiful art is combined with family photos, sculptures and even children’s paintings, it can create an inimitable effect. After all, you’re showing people who you are

Street With A View by DB Waterman on Artflute

Play Around With Frames

 Keep an eye out for frames— not just an afterthought, frames can really make a photo or artwork stand out or work the other way round if not chosen well. Consider the size of the frame and decide if you would like to add matting. Designed to make the art or photo stand out, it has to be sized well so that the art or photo is not cut off. Then there’s the style of the frame which has to complement the style of the art. Also consider texture, colours and material. A frame with minimal design elements will make the art stand out, while a bold frame can add interest and texture to a piece of art. Don’t worry! You’ve got this. 

LHS: Works from Animal Series collection RHS: Rhythmscape by Anindya Mukherjee (On the left and On the right)


Change It With The Seasons 

It’s easy to switch up the look of your walls every season. When it comes to festival season since Diwali is around the corner, choose dreamy artworks that capture the magic of the season or if bold colours are more your style, pick a photograph with warm, bright tones. An easy way to freshen your walls and give your home an entirely new look, you can have a rotating gallery of paintings. Check out our Festive Fiesta guide for inspiration.

Festive Fiesta on Artflute

Show Off Those Souvenirs 

 Add dimension to your walls with fun and quirky souvenirs that you have collected over the years. Whether it is an old black and white family photo from a distant relative’s home, your collection of postcards, or miniature dolls, you can use souvenirs to make your home beautifully unique. Try creating vignettes, with your collection laid out on a colourful tray placed on a low table, and a small painting hung close to the arrangement, creating a tabletop display with a theme. It can make for a stunning statement.

Gifting Options on Artflute.com
Painting on the Wall – Couple by Kamal Nath and on the table – Desktop Art

Add punch to your walls this Diwali, whether you choose to switch up your frames or build an irresistible vignette. If you have ideas and would like us to help, write to us at experience@artflute.com or call us on +91-8088-313131. From recommending art you love to little art souvenirs as also helping you with framing options, we will be happy to help give you home an artilicious makeover.

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