[Framing the Artist] Documenting the Village: Art, Joy and the Everyday with Kandi Narsimlu

Artist Interview: Kandi Narsimlu

A self-made artist, Kandi Narsimlu has a keen eye for the often missed nuances of human emotion and expression. Hailing from Kaslabad, Medak District in Telangana, he is committed to documenting the everyday life and culture of the people of his family and village through his figurative paintings in brilliant hues. Having come up in life the hard way, he has a very grounded approach to art and gives the folk and rural themes of his paintings a decidedly contemporary touch. From rural landscapes to locals, Kandi Narsimlu displays a delicate style of showing the expressions, clothes, jewelry, and lifestyle of his subjects.

In our latest Framing the Artist series, Artflute’s Sridevi Padmanabhan talks to Kandi Narsimlu about his journey as an artist.

Kandi Narsimlu's paintings

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