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Big, bold, attention-grabbing and a sure-fire conversation starter- this is not the latest headline in a gossip rag that we’re talking about, but art that is strikingly oversized and that gets people talking. Making a five-feet piece of art the focal point of a room might seem like a daring thing to do, but Artflute is here to show you how going bigger can be better.

A giant piece of art can take the pride of place – above a bed, in the hallway, at the foyer, along the wall on a staircase or even leaning against a floor. Think offbeat, think daring and you are sure to love the results.

Reflection by Suresh Gulage

Reflection by Suresh Gulage

Open and airy living rooms tend to be spaces where you host guests and enjoy exciting dinner parties. Imagine a piece of art that stands four feet tall in a space like that. It is a surefire way to create a statement wall that any visitor is sure to find fascinating and something you wouldn’t tire of looking at.

 Charminar Street by Iruvan Karunakaran

Charminar Street by Iruvan Karunakaran

Larger than life artworks can also be a great way to heighten an interiors scheme you have chosen for a room. For instance, if your room has traditional dark wood furniture with ethnic accents, this artwork depicting a street in front of Charminar is a great choice. Complementing the brass knick-knacks and vintage furniture of your room, the earthy hues of the painting will make an unforgettable statement.

Office revised

The Leap by Subhash Chouhan

If your office or study needs a burst of colour and energy, hang up a piece of art like this one. The art gets to do the talking in this case with the neutral colour palette of the room making the colours of the painting pop.

Santorini by Keith Dodd

Santorini by Keith Dodd

You can also match the hues of your decor with that in an oversized painting. The blue colour palette of your room would make a great background for this eye-catching painting. So even if your style is more soft and subtle, it can work wonders with art that is imposing.

Festive Rhythm by Anuradha Thakur

Festive Rhythm – II by Anuradha Thakur

Humongous pieces of art don’t have to be limited to just the living room. A gorgeous piece of art above your bed can give the room a wow factor.

Tree by Marcin Sobas

Tree by Marcin Sobas

The immense size of art such as this one when hanging in your dining room becomes a brilliant way to get those conversations started during dinner parties. You can even prop it up on a low bench to give it a touch of whimsy.

With their over-the-top cheekiness, oversized art can dramatically transform the energy of a room. Adventurous and bold, when going for a statement piece of art, there’s only one way to do it – be fearless! Have you ever experimented with statement-making pieces of art? We would love to know how you went about adding it to your decor.

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