What’s Your Colour of Choice This Holi?

It’s that amazing time of the year when trees paint nature’s canvas with incredibly vivid hues and you and I celebrate the dizzyingly fun festival Holi. An intoxicating season that saturates our senses in numerous ways, it’s also a time for spring cleaning and welcoming in the new, so why not get your home out of a colour rut by using art for a quick but oh-so-effective revamp?

Stunning Poppy-Red

Stunning Red Coloured Works on Artflute.com
L-R Red Court by Vijit Pillai, Red – The Colour of Earth by Kuntal De ,
Shadow of A Bull by Jiban Biswas and Athkheliya by Lakhan Singh Jat

The colour of excitement, of passion and free-spirited exploration, pick artworks with shades of poppy-red to add a vivid contrast to an otherwise calm palette. Whether your taste runs towards the saturated tones of Jiban BiswasShadow of A Bull and its figurative style or the eye-catching  vermilion shades in Kuntal De’s semi-abstract rendition Red-The Colour of Earth, pick your favourite shade of red to give your walls that groovy look.

Punchy Buttery-Yellow

Punchy Buttery Yellow coloured works on Artflute.com
L-R The Yellow Palette by Gayatri Deshpande, The Tribal Women by Jiaur Rahman
Space Between Yellow by Siddesh Rane and Pickers of Lotus by Mamata Shingade

Are you all about sunshine, sunflowers and the cheery pop of colour that spring brings? If you love nothing better than the sunny side of spring, transport your walls to a happy place with the mustard tones of Mamata Shingade’s Pickers of Lotus. The delicate lines, the masterful brushstrokes and the palpable emotions make it an amazingly evocative pick for your abode. If abstract is what you crave, Gayatri Deshpande’s The Yellow Palette is sure to have you beaming.

Marvelous Emerald-Green

Marvelous Emerald Green coloured works in Artflute.com
L-R Reflections of the Green City by Suresh Gulage , Gossip by Janaki
Sway in the Sun by Milind Nayak and The Inner Temple Vitality by Rica Belna


Welcome nature into your home with shades of emerald-green! From self-taught artist Janaki Injety’s Gossip to Rica Belna’s hypnotic graphic print The Inner Temple-Vitality, the radiant and lush tones of green can give your walls the elegance that you’re looking for. Being the colour that evokes thoughts of nature, green speaks a language of exuberance and nourishment. No better proof for that than the hues of green in the painting Sway in the Sun that make the branches come alive.

Brilliant Maritime-Blue

Brilliant Maritime Blue coloured works on Artflute.com
L-R Untitled by Krishna Pulkundwar , Presence by Ranjeet Patil
Melody and Inspiration by Pradip Sarkar and Distant Village by M Singh

Are your favourite things about spring – brilliantly blue skies and lakeside picnics? No matter what shade of blue you like the best, from the palest aqua to the deepest navy, add a dash of freshness and relaxation to your home with an artwork in your favourite colour. Give your mind a chance to go within to connect with Ranjeet Patil’s stunning piece Presence. Or perhaps M Singh’s dreamy landscape Distant Village is what draws your eye? For a more abstract flavour there’s also Krishna Pulkundar’s dramatically textured abstract Untitled.

Infectiously Passionate-Pink

Infectiously Passionate Pink coloured works on Artflute.com
L-R Motel 500 by DB Waterman , Busy Day by Sumit Mehndiratta
Pink City by Ravhi Songirkaar and Land of Pink by Pramod Arya

Bringing you warmth, accessibility and instant cheer, for those with pink as their spring colour of choice, you have a winner all the way! From the pastel flush of a rose bud to the rich joyful tones of a deep fuschia, transport the light-heartedness of the colour into your home with artworks in shades of pink. Give your decor an injection of creativity with the magenta shades of Sumit Mehndiratta’s mixed media artwork Busy Day-2 or the numerous pink hues in DB Waterman’s stunning mixed media collage Motel 500.

With the fervour of Holi still hanging in the air and the vibrant moods of spring stirring people here and there, indulge your desire to breathe, reflect and play with artworks that capture the many hues of spring.

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