Tiny, Beautiful Things: 5 Cool Ways to Make Magic With Desktop Art

Summer’s around the corner and it’s a great time to give your home a dash of cheer with a makeover that doesn’t cost a bundle. Desktop Art — Mini art prints (starting at 7″x7″) are a wallet-friendly and incredibly innovative way in which you can infuse your walls with personality, color, and warmth. Indulge in the tiny and beautiful pieces of art as we show you how!

Transform Tricky Spaces

Designs of A Thinking Mind by Suruchi Jamkar on Artflute.com

Designs of A Thinking Mind
by Suruchi Jamkar

Remember that narrow wall, cramped corner or narrow hallway that has got you stumped for decorating ideas? You can pick a single eye-catching artwork such as Suruchi Jamkar’s Designs of A Thinking Mind or a row of Desktop art to draw the eye and play up a space that would otherwise be left untouched.

Brighten Up A Workspace

Searching For Unseen Gold by Gayatri on Artflute.com

Searching For Unseen Gold
by Gayatri

While a workspace is designed to make you productive and comfortable, it doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring. Instantly brighten up your desk with a Desktop art print resting on a lightly stained easel that comes with it. It is also a great choice to hang behind a desk. Gayatri’s Searching For Unseen Gold is an especially lovely watercolor on canvas with its ethereal feel. Provide a point of visual interest with a mini art print without overwhelming the space. Transforming an otherwise boring workspace can be effortless!

Tell a Story

The Hesitation by Kamal Nath The Magician by Dhananjay Mukherjee Song of Yearning by Mukesh Salvi on Artflute.com

The Hesitation by Kamal Nath, The Magician by Dhananjay Mukherjee
Song of Yearning by Mukesh Salvi

Display your artworks grouped together horizontally, vertically or in a square of nine. Narrate a story with a group of them, or pick a colour that runs through all of them. Throw together Kamal Nath’s The Hesitation with Dhananjay Mukherjee’s The Magician and Mukesh Salvi’s Song of Yearning. Reinforce a theme or be daring with mini art prints that are at opposite ends of the colour wheel. There are so many playful ways to make a spectacular statement with Desktop art.  

Style a Shelf

Bull-II by Madan Lal and Earth Angels by Kumaraswamy B on Artflute.com

Bull-II                                               by Madan Lal                                               Earth Angels by Kumaraswamy B

An artfully arranged shelf or bookcase is a brilliant way to showcase your personality. Guests walk up to shelves and the intimacy of this makes styling a shelf immensely fun. Combine Desktop art with books, accessories, and your mementos to add stylish character to your space. It becomes a vignette of who you are. Madan Lal’s Bull-II or Kumaraswamy B’s Earth Angels are great picks.

Revamp a Stairway

Sumit Mehndiratta’s Of A Gem or Tejinder Ladi Singh’s This Is I on Artflute.com

Automaniac – II by Tejinder Ladi Singh and Of A Gem by Sumit Mehndiratta

You can revamp the walls along a stairway to make them a talking point. Combine small mirrors, with family portraits and mini paintings such as Sumit Mehndiratta’s Of A Gem or Tejinder Ladi Singh’s Automaniac – II to lend a dash of French shabby chic to your home. Grouping together this collection of odds and ends might just make this wall your favorite in the house.

Let your creativity run wild! Whether you display Desktop art on a shelf, prop it up on a desk, hang it on a wall, or group multiples together with other decor pieces, playing with these mini art prints can be amazingly fun. And an easy way for you to transform your space without destroying your budget. Do write in to tell us about your favorite idea or to start your very own collection of Desktop art!



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