[My First Piece of Art] Art That Celebrates Friendships: Gaurav

A curiosity about art brought about by reading novels, that first exciting purchase and then the love affair begins— Gaurav’s love for art began unusually and has deepened to become something that has become an avenue for celebrating life itself.

My business partner and I are childhood friends and buddies from school. We now run a web solutions company together and enjoy our work immensely. Having moved into our new office three years ago, we had an empty wall which was what showed up during our video calls and conference calls. I found the blankness of it a little jarring and felt that a painting would be perfect to make it interesting.

While most people would think of a poster or photograph, I have been drawn to paintings since I began reading Jeffrey Archer novels almost fifteen years ago. Since he is also a well-known art collector besides being an author, he weaves in plots connected to the art world and these drew me in. I was intrigued.

Though I don’t understand art like the experts, I began going to exhibitions and also visited the India Art Fair and checked out paintings by the greats in Indian art. I would call myself an amateur art enthusiast. I bought my first piece of artwork for my home and a second for my office and this blank wall also seemed ideal for an artwork.


Enjoy! by Kunal Jain on Artflute.com

Enjoy! by Kunal Jain

I began looking at paintings and when I came across Kunal Jain’s Enjoy!, I knew that it was the best thing to add to my partner and celebrate our ongoing partnership. Bringing back memories of our childhood, the painting reminds us of the laughter we shared, the playfulness, and the mischief.  It communicates everything we have been through in the past so beautifully. My partner also had a look and loved it and we decided to buy it.

I believe that artwork has value to it that other media might not have. Once you start understanding the creativity, process, and uniqueness of an artwork, then you begin appreciating it. That is the real value of art.


Art need not have any meaning and it might also have a lot of meaning, but every piece of art communicates at an individual level. That’s the beauty of art.


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