[My First Piece of Art] How Nandita’s Affair with Art Began!

Haven’t you experienced that moment when a first glance has your heart skipping a beat? There’s no forgetting it and no matter how many others you see, you want to go right back to it. Nandita Chaudhary had a similar experience and recounts her story of falling in love with a piece of art – the first affair with a piece of art she ended up buying.

I have always appreciated art even if I didn’t own it. Having always had a tremendous interest in art, the history of art, art as a form of expression and art as audience, I often visit the National Gallery of Modern Art which is near where I work.

I was browsing through Facebook when I fell in love. It started innocently enough. I wasn’t even looking for art! I had no idea until I saw it that I would end up buying it and that too online. I like textures and I would have liked to touch something and see it from up close before buying it.

The Sacred Cow
The Sacred Cow by Iruvan Karunakaran

But when I saw this painting of a cow, there was something about it and I couldn’t look away. It was beautiful. The eyes and the sheen in them drew me to it again and again. My kids have also said that the eyes of the cow in the painting are really captivating.

I went on to Artflute and surfed throughFor Blog 1 more work by the same artist but this painting stuck with me. I loved it and the brushstrokes in particular, which are marvelous. I knew I had to have it. After checking my bank balance and letting my husband know, I decided that this was it. Though I had found another 2-3 artworks which I liked, this was the one I went with. The decision of the painting came even before the decision to buy art.

Every person who has seen it says that it is an exquisite piece of art. My kids love it as does my husband. Right now, it hangs in the most important spot in my living room, behind the sofa, where previously a black-and-white sketch of a tree made by me and my kids hung.

For Blog 3

I definitely see myself buying more art in the future. In fact, soon after I bought The Sacred Cow, I began feeling that perhaps the cow was looking rather lonely on the wall. While seeing an exhibition of another painter at the India Habitat Centre, a painting with similar brushstrokes caught my eye and I ended up buying it as a companion piece to my first art purchase. My journey of joy with art continues!


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