[My First Piece of Art] How an art newbie found perfect art for his home

Aren’t there times when you know exactly what you want, even if you haven’t found it and are a newbie on the subject? Dr. Rommel Tickoo’s certainty about the kind of art that he wanted to make his journey to buying his first piece of art a happy and satisfying one. Read on to know how being an art expert isn’t necessary to buy your first piece of art.

My wife and I are doctors. We work long hours and are not very familiar with the world of art. We don’t typically visit art galleries and exhibitions. Nor do we have time to research artists. We were not influenced by how well-known the artist is and details like that. Our biggest passion project has been redoing our home.

When it was ready, the only thing missing was art for the living room and the dining room. We had never bought art before but we felt we knew what we wanted. We went to numerous galleries and searched high and low for something that we would love. But the art was exorbitantly priced besides the fact that what we saw didn’t really impress us much. Nothing seemed to be working out.

My Life in Orange by Ganesh Panda on Artflute.com
My Life in Orange
by Ganesh Panda

One day at work when I was browsing the internet, I came across Artflute. The best part was that when I messaged there was someone at the other end who was ready to reply to my query. It was amazing since I had never experienced anything like that before.

Hampi Across the river by Padmanabhan Thangaraj on artflute.com
Hampi Across the River
by Padmanabhan Thangaraj

Buying art for our home became an immensely simple process. We were sent a selection of paintings to choose from and even had mockups done on how the paintings would look like on our walls.

Hampi Across the river by Padmanabhan Thangaraj on artflute.com

I wanted the art I was planning to hang on our walls to fit Vastu principles so I was looking at landscapes, with elements like water and the sun. We chose Hampi Across the River by Padmanabhan Thangaraj for our living room. The river and the sun were elements that made it a vibrant and beautiful piece for space.

My Life in Orange by Ganesh Panda on artflute.com

My Life in Orange by Ganesh Panda caught our eye immediately because we knew our furniture and wallpaper had hints of orange and the painting would bring the room together. And sure enough, it looks great! We even got professional advice on the type of frame to choose and the contact details of a framer right across the road from us.

All our visitors love the art that we bought and ask us about it. It’s satisfying to have our home look exactly the way we wanted it to in the end. And not just that, we bought the kind of art we really enjoy looking at and living with.

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