[My First Piece of Art] New Beginnings with Tara Sumant

What do you do when you love art and all the galleries you visit seem to only have art you cannot fit into your budget? Tara Sumant’s quest for affordable original artworks and new beginnings brought her online and the journey has just begun!

As a child, I visited a lot of countries and began buying travel posters. It is this interest that slowly graduated to art. I have always enjoyed art though initially, we couldn’t afford it. I had been actively looking for artworks to buy because we are moving out of Bangalore and shifting to Kolkata. The house there is very large and I knew that it would be a great place to display art.

Shiv Prem by Ekta Sharma on Artflute.com

Shiv Prem
by Ekta Sharma

I had already checked out all the galleries in Bangalore and the art that I liked was very expensive. I couldn’t afford it. Although we had picked up prints from different places, I was looking to buy an original piece. I stumbled across Artflute and loved what I saw on itaffordable and lovely pieces of art. The first artwork that I bought was Shiv Prem by Ekta Sharma. I must have gone back to the website around ten times wondering each time ‘should I pick it up?’ before deciding to buy it. Constantly drawn back to this particular painting, I loved the colors, the lotus ponds, and the circles. Slightly whimsical and also very beautiful, I especially like the expression of the ox. He has got this very smug look. It is a very happy painting and I loved what the artist has done with it.

I showed it to my daughter who lives in New York and works in the communication media and advertising space and she thought it was a fantastic painting. That was all the endorsement that I needed and I picked it up. When I actually received the artwork, the feeling was amazing. It was the first piece of original art that I bought for myself. I have not hung it up yet because it is all packed and ready to be moved to Kolkata.

Initially, I was a little sceptical about online art but this experience eased my mind a lot. It was a very straightforward buying process. That whole first experience was great. Lots of people buying on the internet are not sure where the money is going, if the process is secure and so many questions seem to remain unanswered but my experience was so smooth that I ended up buying three more artworks from Artflute.

Works on Artflute.com
The Rural Couple  by Kandi Narsimlu     |     Sarvaras by Sumit Mehndiratta    | Swing to The Rhythm of Love  by Rahul Mhetre    

I have kept this purchase of mine a secret. Everyone in Kolkata and friends who will visit me there from Bangalore will have a big surprise when they see the artworks on my walls. I am looking forward to setting up the whole place.


Art Advisory on Artflute.com

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