[My First Piece of Art] Finding Yourself in Art with Sukanya Balachandran

Art is an invitation. One that urges you to experience living more meaningfully, connect with your soul and find yourself. Sukanya Balachandran and her husband moved to India and decided to accept that invitation. She recounts her experience of welcoming art into their lives and allowing it to transform them.

My husband and I had just moved to India. We were at a point in our lives where we were looking at art more as an investment rather than just for decor. But he and I were also very clear that we wanted artworks that would mean something to us, not just ones that were trendy. We wanted art that we would cherish…something unique. While we are not art experts, we had a deep appreciation for art. Both of us enjoy going to museums and visiting art galleries.

Soon after we moved here, I joined an organization for expats. As I was browsing through their monthly magazine, I found a mention of Artflute. While the idea of adding art to my house typically would have meant going to various galleries and identifying unique pieces that we liked and then figuring out the framing and so on, here I was able to access all these unique pieces all at once. The convenience of that really helped us.

The artworks that we ended up choosing reflect who we are. I grew up in the United States and my values are still traditional and that fusion of the two worlds is so beautifully represented in the paintings with the Radha-Krishna motifs in the work Sakhiyaan. The representations are contemporary but have a traditional heart. We wanted paintings that had a modern appeal combined with a peaceful vibe about them.

Sakhiyaan by Subrata Ghosh on Artflute.com

Sakhiyaan by Subrata Ghosh

My husband and I went with our gut while choosing artworks. Having similar tastes, there was a deep connection when we both spotted something that we loved. We did not analyze it and relied on that sixth sense of making a connection with the piece. Both of us felt very strongly about the paintings that stood out to us and the ones that we ended up buying. When I buy a painting, I want it to intrigue me. The artwork has to fascinate me over a period of time. If I can still look at it after years and enjoy the details of the piece, that becomes a true test for art.

Flute of Vrindavan by Sarang Waghmare

Flute of Vrindavan by Sarang Waghmare

Our guests who have seen the paintings have really been drawn to them. We chose the original artworks because we wanted something special, that you wouldn’t find anywhere or which you could easily buy at a neighboring furnishing store.

Art represents who you are and reflects your interests, your values, and the vibe you want to bring into your house. It indicates a lot about a person and adds so much to your daily life. The art in my house has become a part of my life and even augments it. Whether you choose energy or calm, art can bring that into your home and for me, it has made my daily experience of life so much more enjoyable and memorable.

Image 2
Grasslands by Bhaskar Rao                   The Way of Truth by Vijit Pillai                         Nature – X  by Bahadur Singh

Art Advisory on Artflute.com


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