[Phenomenal Women] In Conversation with Shalini Soni

What was the first ever piece of art you made?

One of my early paintings of a baby in water, dreaming of fish in the sky and trying to catch the ones in the water, is something that has left an impression. It’s from that painting that a lot of my later series of art works have emerged.

What is the most exciting thing about being a female artist in today’s world?

People can imagine a lot of things but the ability to translate what is in the imagination to images is something that is special. It is this talent that I feel artists are privileged to have.

What mantra would you offer a woman aspiring to be artist?

Do whatever moves your heart. These days it is very difficult to be commercially successful as an artist. So, make art that satisfies you because you can never lose the delight that comes from creating something that is truly yours.

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