[Phenomenal Women] In Conversation with Shan Re

What was the first ever piece of art you made?

As a small kid my first painting was a face of a girl with a big dreamy and thoughtful eyes.

What is the most exciting thing about being a female artist in today’s world?

Women have the ability to fight against all odds to emerge as winners. Art is my chosen medium to express myself and though the creative path has its challenges, it’s exciting because every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

Nocturnal Whispers

What mantra would you offer a woman aspiring to be an artist?

If you believe that you have the potential, do not ever let your fire go out. Keep trying even when you think that there is no hope. Most importantly, keep your expectations realistic and keep at it.

About Shan Re: Shan’s works provide the viewer with a revitalizing sense of peace, stability, and strong dynamic positive energy. Her paintings convey dramatic yet balanced visual expression. Though they are immersed in deep silence they are trying to communicate with the viewer through her magical pictorial language, eternal beauty, and tranquility. Her boldness and enchanting harmony of hues and shades overwhelms us with their intensity and provides a refreshing escape into pure color. Her high vibrational psychic energy is uplifting, illuminating, and stimulating while offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and joy.

Shan’s paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes, and memories. They are exuberant with a sense of joie de vivre, a celebration of life.

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