An Unbeatable Way to Start Your Year With Art

New year, new beginnings! While the pressure to transform everything about yourself and what surrounds you can be monumental at the start of a new year, Artflute is here to tell you to take it easy. Your favourite art marketplace shows you how adding just one piece of artwork to your space is a small yet effective move if transforming your abode seems like a mammoth undertaking. Not just that, if you are an art newbie, what better time than the beginning of the year  to get started on a delicious, lifelong affair with art.

Are you a lover of brights, nursing a keen desire to add a burst of irrepressible cheer to your home? Bahadur Singh’s A Quiet Flamboyance, might well be your perfect mate. A majestic symphony of spring colours, Bahadur’s masterful brushstrokes make the lush colours of nature come alive. The artwork is sure to bring nature’s beauty, tranquility, and elegance right to your abode.

A Quiet Flamboyance by Bahadur Singh on
A Quiet Flamboyance by Bahadur Singh

If your style is more dreamy and romantic, Arup Lodhs Chasing the Monsoon Magic is sure to delight your artistic heart. A wonderful combination of diffused light and gentle washes of colour, the artwork gives you a sense of all that is still and timeless in our lives. It’s also a great piece to get your guests talking about all that is meaningful in their lives and everything that gives them joy.

Chasing the monsoon magic by Arup Lodh on
Chasing the Monsoon Magic by Arup Lodh

For someone with a serious love for everything ethnic and traditional, Artflute has dug up a splendid piece. Yashwant Shirwadhkar’s Heritage Haveli brings the rich culture of the desert state, Rajasthan with it. The muted tones and earthy colours allow the folk elements in the artwork to shine forth. The deft play of light and shadow work to give this painting a three-dimensional look. Added to a room with your favourite antique pieces and carved furniture, it’s sure to give your home the stamp of tradition that you identify with.

Heritage Haveli by Yashwant Shirwadhkar on
Heritage Haveli by Yashwant Shirwadhkar

Is your home styled in a modern minimalist style? Are you looking for a work that will enhance your space and give it a post-modern touch? Rahul Mallya’s Gas Mask could be the exquisite neon ingredient that not only ups the style quotient of your abode but also tells a fascinating story- one of postmodern society and the haze of smog that covers its cities and people. The psychedelic burst of colours and the multiple gradients and textures will ensure that this statement-making limited edition digital art print is a universal hit.

Gas Mask by Rahul Mallya on
Gas Mask by Rahul Mallya

If fuss is your least favourite thing, and clean lines are your best friend, then London-based artist, Rennie Pilgrem’s limited edition print of his digital artwork Barn By The Corner is bound to rouse your senses. It’s a perfect companion artwork when everything from your decor to your design elements are stark and minimalist. The stunning multi-line illustration compels the eye and is  great for those who like their art edgy.

Barn by the Corner Rennie Pilgrem on
Barn by the Corner by Rennie Pilgrem

A deep love for photography is something magical and to honour your love, you can choose to dress up your interiors with a brilliant photograph too. A magical depiction of a wonderful city, Istanbul is what you have with Vittorio Chiampan’s Fishing on the Bosphorus. The impressive Blue Mosque in the background and fishermen wrapped up in coats trying their luck from the bridge across the Bosphorus make this photograph a captivating one. Vittorio’s artistry and his flair for using textures and filters gently conveys the charm of paradox ancient culture and magic juxtaposed with the very modern city.  

Fishing on the Bosphorus by Vittorio Chiampan

Remember that your story for 2016 remains to be written. Let go of feelings of obligation, pressure and expectations. Embrace the multitude of possibilities that the year has opened up for you waiting to be written in by everything you do. And not to forget, you have the freedom to start anew anytime you choose.

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