Tales From Telangana

Groups of children playing beneath a tree — climbing, running, chatting, the tinkle of bells from a bullock ambling about nearby, and women walking back after drawing water from a well— tales from lives that are deeply connected to the earth are what this art collection brings alive. This group of talented Telangana artists explore a rustic way of life, giving folk art forms a contemporary twist and connecting you instantly with the harmony that can exist between nature and man.

Also famous for creating the new Telangana logo, Laxman Aelay is an artist who had his beginnings as a signboard painter. Deeply nostalgic, his paintings are known for their vivid colors used to depict everything from the jewelry the woman in the village wear to flowers and more. Inspired by the lives of the people from his village, Kadirenigudem, his work is impressive in its evocative imagery.


Meme by Laxman Aelay

Hailing from Karimnagar, Agacharya paints women and men engaged in everyday routine activities. His palette of brilliant reds, warm yellows, and deep greens brings alive both the shy reticence of the people in the village as well as their untutored sensuality. Avoiding the usual decorative details that accompany folk-inspired art, his paintings are simple and captivating.


Creating Conversations by Agacharya

Anjani Reddy’s works depict young women amidst nature and speak of their aspirations.  Her multi-layered artworks use a blend of textures, lines, and colors to bring alive women in their different contexts, most often in their relationship with nature and its creatures. Deriving her inspiration from her subconscious, the paintings emerge from a mix of dreams, fantasies, experiences, and the environment.


A Lady And Her Bird by Anjani Reddy

Statement-making pieces that are striking in their use of color, Srinivas Tailor’s creations introduce us to the lives of the people from the village he comes from. Constantly confronted with the stark differences between life in the city and the village, his paintings are his attempts to introduce the gentle and kind personalities of village folk to his audience.


Pursue by Srinivas Tailor

PS Chary’s subjects are unaffected and bold, often staring right into the viewer’s eyes. With his unique use of line, texture and colors, he creates a multi-dimensional world, bringing alive the people and the village in an inimitable manner.


Everyday Matters by Chary PS

The earthiness of the people of Telangana is almost tangible in Narahari Bhawandla’s paintings. With the use of sharply defined brushstrokes and brilliant color, he brings rustic themes to life. The men and women in his paintings are not reticent, but rather bold, robust personalities that seem to burst forth from his creations. He is also a master at conveying the subtle emotions of his subjects from love and happiness to doubt and envy.


Talk of Love by Narahari Bhawandla

A brilliant collection of artworks by the best ambassadors of Telangana, each have their own story to tell. If you are someone who loves the peace and simplicity of rural life, then these contemporary depictions of rural life are sure to catch your eye. We at Artflute believe that each painting has a story to tell. Drop us a line to experience@artflute.com if you feel one of them calls to you.

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