The Art of Compelling Walls

Do you sometimes worry that art is only for those with miles upon miles of wall space? On the contrary, dive into exploring the surprising nooks and unexpected spaces in your home and you will find myriad ways in which to display your art. Allowing yourself the experience of living with art and the way it changes you is something that comes highly recommended for everyone. Here are some of ways you can get started. 

On a Bookshelf: Artwork can easily be hung up on your bookshelves, providing a wonderful foreground for your treasured book collection. First Graffiti by DB Waterman with its textured brilliance and the whimsical image of a boy drawing on a wall would make for an amazing choice for your bookshelves in the study or home office. The distinct Waterman stamp that the artwork has merges the worlds of books and art till you cannot tell them apart!

First Graffiti by DB Waterman on
First Graffiti
by DB Waterman

Leaning against a wall: If stuffy living rooms that scream elegance aren’t your style and you’re all about keeping it casual and cozy, you could choose to skip that final step of hanging up your artwork. Just lean your paintings against a wall, maybe with a series of Vittorio Chiampan’s surreal photographs. Or you could also cover a whole wall with overlapping artworks perched on shelves. Try it with Rennie Pilgrem’s boundary-breaking digital art or Keith Dodd’s statement-making artworks. Your guests are sure to walk up close to check them out!

Artworks leaning on a wall gallery on

In your Bathroom: You might never have considered it but your bathroom can be a great place to hang art. A room that’s typically seem as only being functional, a quirky piece of art such as one of Kruti Shah’s kaleidoscopic paintings hanging above your bathtub or on your bathroom wall gives the room a decidedly personal touch.

Better half by Kruti Shah on
Better half
by Kruti Shah

Create A Scene: Use a fantastic wall-size artwork to draw people into your living room. Whether it is the striking The Horse Gallops by Aditya Shirke, or Basuki Das Gupta’s surreal fantasy The Four Thinkers, make it the kind of artwork that everything in the room plays to. From the furniture to the decor elements and upholstery, a well-chosen striking piece of art can turn your living room into a breathtaking space.

The Four Thinkers by Basuki Das Gupta
The Four Thinkers
by Basuki Das Gupta
The Horse Gallops by Aditya Shirke on
The Horse Gallops
by Aditya Shirke

Group Them Together: Creating a gallery wall might seem daunting but it can really make any wall pop. Experiment with grid arrangements, tell a story with your art or even start your collection at the centre and add more outwards as you grow your art collection. Whether it’s Mohammed Osman’s paintings on rural life in south India or Jiban Biswas’ portraits, pick a theme or a colour and you will be all set to bring your gallery wall together.

A Room With a View: Upset that your kitchen sink doesn’t boast a view above it? Why not create one with paintings? In fact, you could even make your view instantly transport you to the ocean. Lynne Timmington’s fabulous contemporary seascapes and beaches or Bharati Sagar’s portraits are a great reason to linger in the kitchen and soak in the dreamy vibes of their fabulous art.

Works on

How do you get creative with your space and use art to set a mood? Write to us with your ideas. We would love to hear from you.

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