The New Aesthetic: A Return to the Innocence

New Aesthetic - Red Court by Vijit Pillai

The wheel has turned and we have come full circle. The season is all about a return to innocence— the new aesthetic that speaks of a return to simplicity and nativity.

From complex gadgets and high-tech modernity, the journey has led to a search for roots, traditions and culture. With works from some of the most successful and innovative artists in contemporary art, Artflute’s picks for this season are eminently covetable.

Exploring a wide range of themes, from identity and memory to history and contemporary culture, the artworks that are part of this collection are all about redefining and examining what it means to be Indian. Traditional motifs get a modern spin, while spirituality, innocence, love and nature get their eternal place in the sun. Inspired by the culture of places such as Telangana and West Bengal and age-old traditions such as miniature painting, each artwork is an invitation to tap into what your own interpretation of the new aesthetic would be.

From mixed media to acrylic and watercolour to oil, these artworks are the best investments that you could make for your collection.

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