The Year That Was: Artflute Looks Back at 2015

As you gear up to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in a brand new year, Artflute brings you a roundup of our best posts from the past year.

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Crown Yourself BFF on
The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Crown Yourself BFF

If you happen to be still scurrying around for last minute new year gifts, do check out our festive gift guides for inspiration. No matter how hard you think it is to find a gift for someone in your life, Artflute is here to prove otherwise.



4 Shiny Ideas to Dress Your Home For Diwali on
4 Shiny Ideas to Dress Your Home For Diwali


From celebrating festivals like Diwali, Ganesha Chaturthi and Rakshabandhan to marking occasions such as Earth Day, we loved showing you how art can be infused into every celebration and be a source of everyday joy.




Women’s Day had phenomenal women artists in the spotlight while artists from around the world gave us a peek into their fascinating lives on World Art Day. 

5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal on
World Art Day: 5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal


The team at Artflute loves marking occasions- big or small and so even the change of seasons got their due.

Monsoon Magic collection on
6 Artworks to Enjoy the Magic of Monsoons


Framing the Artist | Siddiqa Juma on
Brushstrokes to Bridge Humanity with Siddiqa Juma


Our Artist of the Month series has been especially engaging with artists such as Suruchi Jamkar, Siddiqa Juma , Anuradha Thakur and Boris Novak opening up up their artistic process, the challenges they face and their inspirations.


My First Piece of Art | Nandita Chaudhary on
[My First Piece of Art] How Nandita’s Affair with Art Began!






Our curated collections were also something we really looked forward to putting together. After all helping you go beyond the dull and predictable when it comes to gifting for Valentine’s Day is something everyone can boast of.  Artflute is about connecting each and every person to the love of art and each time an art newbie bought their first piece of art, we at Artflute got one step closer to our mission.



Making art less intimdiating is something we also believe in and our Beginners’ Guide to Buying Art and tips on incorporating oversized art into your home were designed to help you enjoy the process of inviting art into your life. Even if your tastes were offbeat and non-traditional, we had you covered.


6 Artworks That Will Instantly Boost Your Coolness Factor on
6 Artworks That Will Instantly Boost Your Coolness Factor

What a year it has been! As we wish you a great new year, it’s important that you know that you are what keeps the team at Artflute pumped up to spread the joy that art brings each day. Your infectious energy and appreciation through this past year has got all of us revved up to spread the language of art this coming year in captivating new ways.

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