Art With a Heart: 6 Artworks to Fire Up Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? We don’t mean the affectations of rosy romance and gestures that are nothing more than tired clichés. Artflute knows that love is a many splendored thing and to appreciate the brilliance of its many hues, we have a range of occasion-appropriate artworks for you to choose from. So whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, say it like no one else with art!

The Waiting by Devidas Yewate on
The Waiting
by Devidas Yewate

The unexpected geometric shapes and the bold hues in Devidas Yewate’s The Waiting speak of the sweet pain of waiting to lay your eyes on a loved one again. The pathos and longing in the eyes of the woman speak volumes. A vibrant piece that’s perfect for a loved one who lives far away. Yewate’s signature use of bright colours evokes emotions that are a part of daily life.

Treasure my Love by Samir Sarkar
Treasure my Love
by Samir Sarkar

Samir Sarkar’s painting Treasure My Love has his trademark use of strong visual elements and eye-catching shades to convey powerful emotions and the beauty inherent in human relationships. Sarkar’s recurring motif in his work appears in this painting too. Eyes fascinate the artist and they can speak volumes even when they are closed as evident from this artwork.

Loved by Affection by Varsha Kharatmal
Loved by Affection
by Varsha Kharatmal

Loved by Affection is Varsha Kharatmal’s lovely black-and-white drawing in the miniature style of a couple. The extraordinary sensitivity of the artist in depicting the unspoken feelings between the couple is evident in the artwork, as is the skill in conveying the contentment that they seem to have in each other’s love. A brilliant gift for your life-long partner.

Tender as Love Ramesh Pachpande
Tender as Love
by Ramesh Pachpande

Ramesh Pachpande’s Tender as Love displays a dynamism in style and a vividness of facial expressions that bring the couple to life. The skillful use of charcoal on paper and the juxtaposition of the scarlet bird make this a painting that speaks of the tenderness of love. Use it to declare your affections!

Love - III by Prakash Raman on
Love – III
by Prakash Raman

Love-III by Prakash Raman is a symphony of flow. The abandon and the intense emotions of the couple speak out loud through the masterful brushstrokes of the artist. A Limited Edition print of the artwork would make for a perfect wedding gift for the dreamy couple you know.

Lyrical Devotion Brajmohan Arya on
Lyrical Devotion
by Brajmohan Arya

Brajmohan Arya’s Lyrical Devotion speaks of man’s inseparable relationship with nature. The blues and the earthy tones of the painting and the surreal style speaks personally to each viewer of how man is but one thread in the web of life on earth.

Whether you want to speak of an eternal relationship like that of man and nature or different aspects of love, a whole range of artworks awaits you at Artflute. Get ready to make a statement this Valentine’s Day with your uniquely personal choice.

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