Wander With Watercolour

Unpredictable and uncontrollable, yet expressive and exciting— watercolour is a medium that is engaging and one of the most often used media by artists to give voice to dreams, illusions, emotions, and surreal fantasies. Whether it is thin, translucent washes or bold splashes that speak of emotions here’s your chance to indulge your senses and wander in all that watercolour has to offer as a medium.

The play of light and shadow and the touch of every day in the otherwise opulent building are both testament to Samiran Sarkar’s fabulous skill with watercolour. The sense of familiarity, history and of the personal story makes Light of the Golden Gate a great pick for the living room.

Light of the Golden Gate by Samira Sarkar on Artflute.com

Light of the Golden Gate
Samiran Sarkar

Sunil Linus De’s sun-dappled artwork is a tribute to the magic of everyday life in a village. From daily chores to farm animals and the lush green of nature that surrounds it, Everyday Life is so evocative that it almost makes you feel that you can step into the painting.

Everyday Life by Sunil Linus De on Artflute.com

Everyday Life
by Sunil Linus De

By The Pond is a painting that is daring with its use of colours. Abstract, bold and statement-making, Subhashis Ghosh’s artistic style comes through vividly with its intense colour, brushstrokes, and abstract and disjointed use of space. A brilliant celebratory pick for your study at home, don’t you think?

By the Pond Subhashis Ghosh on Artflute.com

By the Pond
by Subhashis Ghosh

Textured watercolour comes alive with Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay’s At The Door. The majesty of the door of a heritage monument and the magnificence of the past seem to loom over the visitors in the foreground. A statement-making artwork for the architecture lover!

At the Door Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay

At the Door
by Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay

Rooted in the local and yet so universal, Hiremath Kudalayya’s Temple By The Road is mesmerizing. A snapshot of the street near a temple, the diffused colours interspersed with strokes of red, blue and brown draw the attention of the viewer to the incredible details in the artwork. His mastery over the medium will have you feeling the gravel on the road under your feet and the hot dusty air on your face.

Temple by the Road by Hiremath Kudalayya on Artflute.com

Temple by the Road
by Hiremath Kudalayya

Playful, happy and bursting with bold colour, Ramchandra Kharatmal’s Hathi mere Sathi is a great artwork to add a dose of whimsy to your walls. The inherent joy of living life and a childhood that is carefree is captured brilliantly on canvas.

Hathi mere Sathi by Ramchandra Kharatmalm on Artflute.com

Hathi mere Sathi
by Ramchandra Kharatmal

Whatever style you prefer, watercolour is a medium that allows the artist to constantly push his boundaries with its dynamism and unpredictability while being incredibly rewarding. As an art lover, once you are hooked on to artworks in watercolour, you’re sure to crave more of its stunning washes, bursts of light and unforgettable brilliance.


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