Happy Women’s Day: Artflute shares our love for art with five truly unique art enthusiasts

This Women’s Day, Artflute shares our love for art with five truly unique art enthusiasts. Our customers share their journey of finding just the right piece(s) of art for their home and how it has become a part of their lives.

How do you grow a passion for something that your family has no interest in? Mansi Gandhi’s certainty about the place that art has in her life has only grown over the years- from loving it from a distance and slowly engaging with it, to fanning the flames of her love to buy her first piece of art.

Mansi Gandhi - First piece of art story on Artflute.com
“This is my first piece but it is not going to be my last. It’s a lifelong journey now!” – Mansi Gandhi

Read on more to see how Mansi took the leap to buy her first piece of art here

Art is an invitation. One that urges you to experience living more meaningfully. Sukanya and her husband moved to India and decided to accept that invitation. She recounts her experience of welcoming art into their lives and allowing it to transform them.

My First Piece of Art with Sukanya Balachandran

“Art represents who you are and reflects your interests, your values and the vibe you want to bring into your house. It indicates a lot about a person and adds so much to your daily life.” – Sukanya Balachandran

Read on Finding Yourself in Art with Sukanya Balachandran

[My First Piece of Art] How Nandita’s Affair with Art Began!
The Sacred Cow
by Iruvan Karunakaran
Haven’t you experienced that moment when a first glance has your heart skipping a beat? There’s no forgetting it and no matter how many others you see, you want to go right back to it. Nandita Chaudhary had a similar experience and recounts her story of falling in love with a piece of art– the first piece of art she ended up buying.

“I have always appreciated art even if I didn’t own it. Having always had a tremendous interest in art, the history of art, art as a form of expression and art as audience, I often visit the National Gallery of Modern Art which is near where I work.” – Nandita Chaudhary

Here’s how Nandita’s affair with art began.




What do you do when you love art and all the galleries you visit seem to only have art you cannot fit into your budget? Tara Sumant’s quest for affordable original artworks brought her online and the journey has just begun!

My First Piece of Art] New Beginnings with Tara Sumant
Works Tara bought

“I have kept this purchase of mine a secret. Everyone in Kolkata and friends who will visit me there from Bangalore will have a big surprise when they see the artworks on my walls. I am looking forward to setting up the whole place.”- Tara Sumant

Read on New Beginnings with Tara Sumant

Considering her zest for life, passion for travel and her infectious curiosity, it was only natural for Karishma Walia to uncover a deep love for art. A self-professed gourmand and travel hound, Karishma and her entrepreneur husband delight in making lists of places to travel to. She recounts her story of purchasing art online for the first time- the nerves, the excitement and the happy ending!

Buying Art Online- A First-Timer’s Story!
Courtier and Pride of Peacocks
by Vijit Pillai

“I absolutely loved the peacocks too! Once we had placed our order, I was waiting for the paintings to arrive with a mix of excitement and nerves. Not being sure about how the paintings would look, once I received the paintings I was thrilled to have them exceed my expectations.”- Karishma Walia 

Here’s Karishma’s story of Buying Art Online for the first time

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