World Art Day: 5 Artists Reveal their Thoughts About All Things Art

Art is expression. Art is emotion.
Art is a conversation. Art is a celebration.
And art is always a statement.

Art can transform the viewer but what does art mean to an artist when it is his mission, his vocation, and his compulsion? In the last of a two-part series to celebrate World Art Day, Artflute gets artists from around the world to reveal their innermost thoughts about art and all things art. Read the first part of the series here –  World Art Day: 5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal.

Boris Novak

Boris Novak

The crux of Boris Novak’s new series resonates with a symphony of flesh and of the incorporeal shaded into modern and classical art disciplines. Boris Novak’s art translates a world that transcends logic. The digital collages of art are a gallery of kaleidoscopic permutations of subjects and media with an attempt to conceptualize forms of the formless and cacophonies in a realm of Guernica.

Art – luxury or necessity? Art is more than just a luxury or necessity. There is no culture and no civilization without art. Art is an integral part of everyone’s being. I see art as a universal alphabet, which could be understood by any person in the entire world. Art is magical. I think art offers a great opportunity to convey emotions and to share our wonders and our anxieties. It is in this opportunity to communicate, the possibility of seeing that drives my stimulus as an artist as and I hope that you, my viewer, are able to recognize and understand that.

Art – is it personal? My primary urge is to open my soul to reveal something from deep inside me therefore my art is extremely personal. I’m almost obsessed with humanity and nature. I love observing people’s behavior through their eyes, their expressions, their posture, and their interactions and I also see the same in nature. The universal order and chaos is repeated in my own cosmos too. I have a drive to not just register the beauty of universal order but also to express my passions, my feelings, and anxieties.


Under the Tuscan Sun

Most memorable compliment: When my son Orlan was around seven, his teacher asked the children to name a few famous artists. The children were calling out the names of well-known artists. My son Orlan put his hand up and said – my father Boris Novak. For me, no compliment or critic ever came close to that.


Daniel L Ziembo

Daniel’s works depict “the landscape” – shorelines, pathways, and foliage in various seasons and light. He uses photographs to investigate his subjects before refining them. The final pieces are constructed from strokes and lines of color that are juxtaposed and layered to create, upon close examination, an abstract, mosaic, tapestry-like appearance.

Art – luxury or necessity? All types of art define our humanity and reflect and influence our culture(s). Not just that, art enhances our understanding of who we are and what we perceive as important at any given time and place.

Art – is it personal? Standing on the shoulders of artists before me, my work evolves from looking at and trying to assimilate the work of the artists who appealed to my own sensibilities. My work is like an eclectic pot of stew made up of various, sometimes conflicting and contrasting concepts, blended with my impressions on a two-dimensional surface.

Fred and George - I

Fred and George – I

Most memorable compliment: A collector of one my very early works sought me out saying that my painting still gives him pleasure and that he still enjoys spending time contemplating the image.

db waterman

DB Waterman

A master of visual storytelling, DB Waterman enjoys bringing together many seemingly incoherent storylines into one completely new story. The unforgiving layering of transparent watercolors in her works is a challenge she never wants to miss. Every layer of paper, oil, acrylic, pencil, crayon, ballpoint, watercolor, ink, charcoal, and whatever else she uses remains visible in the final artwork.

Art – luxury or necessity? Art offers up the opportunity to escape from everyday life just like music. And art forms, whether it is music or visual arts are not luxuries. They can give you a different perspective on life.

Street With a View

Street with a View

Art – is it personal? I’m inspired by weathered walls with posters, peeling paint, and anything that is dilapidated. I try to create something new, something beautiful with these elements. My collages are built up of various types of pictures, photos, and images that I have collected over the years. I start an artwork by creating a surface and then splashing or stamping with watercolor or acrylic paint. Some are created with just a particular way of arranging photographs. Other collages are created with transferred images that are pulled loose or torn. Old and worn and weathered. So yes, my art is a reflection of my creative spirit.

Most memorable compliment: One of my customers Kate loved my artworks so much that she bought a second piece. I consider that a big compliment.

Lynne Timmington

Lynne Timmington

Lynne’s artistic journey that has spanned thirty years has taken her in many directions. Her art transcends the restraints of conventional painting, inviting the viewers to interpret the textures and subtle shades of the paint for themselves.

Art – luxury or necessity? Art is a life-enhancing gift. For an artist, art is a necessity. It’s like breathing, a crucial and integral part of life.



Art – is it personal? My art is a deeply personal expression of how I view the world.

Most memorable compliment: A multiple sclerosis sufferer told me about the sand dunes near his home that he used to walk on as a child. He said that the painting he bought from me would enable him to walk that path again in his imagination every time he looked at it.

Lafugue Logos

Lafugue Logos

Lafugue Logos’ photographs boast a simplicity of composition and stunning colors. Specializing in still life, she enjoys photographing flowers in particular. Her serene, dream-like images have a huge fan following.

Art – luxury or necessity? Art has to be treasured in life. However, it is not something that gives you immediate and tangible results physically. Art is special because of the emotions it evokes and the happiness it brings. That’s how it doesn’t matter even if it is the sketch of a little child; if it brings you happiness, it is art.

Art – is it personal? My representation of my art is uniquely mine. It is based on my experience and memory. I derive inspiration from the appearance and color of the subject and also by my own imagination that is triggered by various genres of music.

Night We Call it A Day

Night We Call it A Day

Most memorable compliment: My favorite compliment about my work has been about how I made the familiar look so beautiful. Other memorable ones are when people chose my images as wedding gifts or something to hang in their room to look at every day.

If you’ve missed reading the first part of the World Art Day special, click here – World Art Day: 5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal. Happy reading!

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