World Art Day: 5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal

5 Fascinating Artists Get Intensely Personal on

Art is expression. Art is emotion.
Art is a conversation. Art is a celebration.
And art is always a statement.

In the first of a two-part series to celebrate World Art day, Artflute gets up close with intensely personal stories of fascinating artists from all over the world. Read on to know more about their creative lives, their thoughts about art, and what it means to them.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Jason Lincoln Jeffers

A contemporary painter, Jason’s aim is to fuse a universality of myths from ancient styles and traditions into an innovative, progressive, elegant, and ultimately modern form of abstract expressionism.

My artistic process:
Over the last eleven years of painting full-time, I have learned to take my mind out of the equation. This allows for a purer, more spiritually-focused process to manifest as I paint, resulting in a transformative effect on the viewer.

The Mystical Vision - VIII

The Mystical Vision – VIII

Art in everyday life: When understood as ‘vibrational’ and connected to ‘energy’, mystical art can easily be appreciated as a part of everyday life. As more people understand the healing benefits of transformational or mystical art, the more popular it will become.

Honesty versus recognition in art: The need to be liked does not take precedence over the sincerity of my creative vision. I see myself simply as a channel for ‘something that is trying to form.’

Marcin Sobas

Marcin Sobas

Marcin Sobas’ photographs speak of his communion with nature. Specializing in landscape photography, his favorite themes are rolling farmlands, foggy mornings in the mountains and by the lakes. Every single photograph tells a different story where the light and conditions are the main characters.

My artistic process: Landscape photography is a  complex process. From what and where I want to photograph, to the best time of year in the location to get great pictures – it all matters. Then comes the actual photography – the hardest step because weather is everything in this case. Despite all this planning, I often might have to return a couple of times before I get good pictures. It requires dedication, sleepless nights, and lots of patience but I love it.



Art in everyday life: Whether they are photographs or other images, art is a part of my everyday life.

Honesty versus recognition in art:
I try to be honest for my fans because that’s what makes them like me. Both honesty and recognition are important  for a good artist.

Maria Grossbaum-Fondler

Maria Grossbaum

Colours, forms, textures of trees, flowers, shrubs and landscapes in their natural state have always inspired Maria to express the beauty of life. Her paintings depict opposites in a variety of rhythms and textures.

The Eternal Spring

The Eternal Spring

My artistic process
: It all starts with a creative inner impulse.Stillness, observing and long walks – they are great ways to fire up my creative urges. I begin with sketches and ponder about techniques to achieve a right look and expression. It’s always a journey.

Art in everyday life: Art is not just paintings, it’s everywhere. In the sky, in the shadows and light, and colours and shapes. Art is in the everyday.

Honesty versus recognition in art: ‘Being liked’ and ‘being honest’ are not contradictory. For me being honest in my artistic expression means finding an inner creative flow and following it. And the more honest I am with myself in creating a piece, the more people like it. Sometimes people can’t explain why they like a particular painting. To me it means that the joy that the artist was experiencing resonates with others and evokes the same emotion.

Rica Belna

Rica Belna

Rica believes that the right image creates the feel of a wide expanse, thus offering a simple solution for visually opening up small rooms, or enhancing spaces lacking attractive views. She uses some of her photographs to transform the energy of a space into a calming, relaxing, invigorating and refreshing one.

My artistic process: I don’t have a planned set of steps, but rather a fluid process of creation. Once I start working, parts start coming together and slowly take shape. I might experiment with various colors, materials or methods and procedures. I try out new things, adapt, and at some point it just turn out right. Somehow I know or feel it when I am done, and a new piece came to life. At times it is the beginning of a new series, which I then develop further.


Stellar – 10941

Art in everyday life: Art is everywhere – in offices, hotels, restaurants, and public spaces. You don’t have to visit a gallery or a museum to make art a part of your life. Consciously or subconsciously art influences us. We are surrounded by it. Art can help us open our minds, relax and even enrich and support us.

Honesty versus recognition in art: Naturally, I enjoy knowing that my artworks are liked. But as an artist and designer, I value creating work I am convinced of and those that truly express my style. I create to help expand a room’s feel and to up the mood in that location.

Vittorio Chiampan

Vittorio Chiampan

For Vittorio, photography is something more than the mere representation of reality. He chooses subjects from nature that catch his eye and then processes it with texture, brushes, effects and filters in order to turn it into the image he had painted in his mind.




My artistic process
: My whole process is about  transforming reality into
something I have in my mind, using reality to make my imagination flow. For me it is essential to find an inspiring subject, in order to make art.

Art in everyday life: Depending on your personal sensibility, art can be seen everyday in everything around us.

Honesty versus recognition in art: I worry about being honest, since each one of my works has to reflect my style, my character and my way of thinking. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to success

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